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Founded on November 1, 2016, Matrix Institute of Professionals is a school of entrepreneurship and finance. The founders have a strong commitment to raise quality education in Myanmar, especially for continuing education and professional development. At Matrix, a learning and support environment is created for professionals to grow and advance their careers.

Matrix strives to be the first choice for learners, lecturers and corporate customers when it comes to entrepreneurship and finance education and services.

Munna (Senior Officer of Admin, Logistic and Support, JMC-TSC)

“Business Law course makes me clearer on Governmental Business Law as it is usually complicated process for one to consider it. By this course benefit, I got more confidence to deal with government sector for Tax selected issues. It also benefits to know that if you pay more tax, the money or the earning will have a “Safest ground” while you will go on “procuring”.”

Khine Htoo (Director, Trade Garden Co.,Ltd.)

“As for people who work in Myanmar, I believe everyone should have at least the basic understanding upon the Tax Regulation knowledge. This course assists us in knowing about how the income tax is calculated and so forth. Although the “Tax Regulation” teaching material is a lot, the lecturer managed to retain the interest of students and kept the class interesting and beneficial.”

Dr. Thin Thin Han (Director, Myanmar V-Pile Holding Co,Ltd.)

“This is my first course in Matrix and the environment is clean, quiet and cozy. Above all, Tr. Hla Theingi is very knowledgeable and I have never felt boring in the class. So, I have decided to continue the Art of Financial Analysis services until I finish series 3. I would like to recommend this course to business owner (SME+ Corporate) and also to Financial Manager as a basic course to continue their careers.”

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