Financial Modelling: Essential Tools for Finance Professionals

Course Title Financial Modelling: Essential Tools for Finance Professionals
Program & Type of Course Professional
Pre-requisite (if any) Intermediate Understanding of Financial Statements CFA Prep Level 1 Course Candidates Minimum Intermediate Excel
Course Description Financial modeling is an essential toolkit for finance any finance professional. The ability to model financial data systematically to project for the future of the company is a powerful tool for any company’s operating and strategic decisions. The first ever course in Myanmar, our financial modelling course is structured in a way to teach professionals both Excel skills and Financial skills to successfully build financial models. The students will work through case studies and create models that could be very useful for their workplace.
Learning Objectives
  • To apply financial concepts and excel skills effectively
  • To create linkable, auditable, and presentable financial models
  • To use assumptions effectively in financial modeling (Revenue, Costs, Assets, Cash Flows)
  • To link financial statements effectively
  • Valuation Methods in DCF, Relative Valuation
  • Three Industry Financial Modelling
Content Overview Financial Modeling of Banking, Manufacturing, Real Estate Cases Excel Templates
Total Hours 24
Learning Methods Lecture, Discussion, Case Studies, Excel
Lecturer(s) Phyu Phyu Khin, Min Han Tun