Investment Foundations Program

Course Title Investment Foundations Program
Program & Type of Course Qualifying
Pre-requisite (if any) n
Course Description Investment Foundations Program provides an overall understanding of the investment industry, investment analysis, and tools for entry level finance professionals and professionals in other fields who need to know Finance. The program is a global industry standard certificate course which provides a solid foundation for those who want to continue the CFA Program.
Learning Objectives
  • It is about getting to the heart and the core purpose of the investment industry — its vital role in the world: from helping people save for the future to funding schools, hospitals, roads and other essentials. The benefits this brings when done well (ethically and all parts working together) help serve society.
  • This module focuses on the essential foundations for the investment world — ethics and regulation. The firm ground on which we build for our clients: trust, reputation, confidence and value — the essentials of a strong and healthy client-focused industry.
  • This is about understanding how the (economic) world works — the big picture and the fine detail. How the actions of individuals, corporations and governments play out at micro, macro and international levels, how this translates to a company’s finances, and how to get a clearer understanding of what this all means.
  • This module covers the basic investment options, what they are and their purpose — from conventional equities and bonds to more specialized investments such as real estate and derivatives.
  • The industry is complex and highly interdependent. This module looks at how the industry helps us invest, who the participants are and what they do, the different markets where investments take place, and the investment products themselves.
  • This is about focusing on clients — gaining a clear understanding of their needs, circumstances, motivations and ambitions so investments can be allocated and managed in the right way for them.
  • Controls are critical in helping ensure everything runs smoothly. In the fast-moving world of investments and risk it is essential to understand how systems and controls are used in the industry to ensure the client is properly served
Total Hours 30
Learning Methods Lecture, Discussion, Case Studies, Excel
Lecturer(s) Dr. Hla Theingi, Daw Mo Hom Nom